What Are the Alternatives to Google AdSense? Discover 2022

What Are the Alternatives to Google AdSense?

Still 2022

Google AdSense is the most widely used content-based advertising program by webmasters and web publishers to help generate extra income. Publishers register for a Google AdSense account, enable Google ads relevant to the content on their websites and make money when a visitor clicks on an ad. However, although Google AdSense is generally considered the current leader in content-based, online advertising, it’s important for web publishers to realize there are many alternatives to this program, whether they are used instead of or in addition to AdSense.

Furthermore, many web publishers may find too many problems with Google AdSense. For example, they can be too picky in suddenly terminating people’s accounts. When web publishers lose their Google AdSense accounts, they need to know what other options they have. In addition, Google AdSense’s terms and conditions are such that some publishers are not even accepted into their program. Finally, some publishers find that Google AdSense does not provide a large enough selection of relevant ads that match their content. It is definitely worthwhile to consider alternatives to this program.

Pay-per-click advertising besides Google AdSense is one type of alternative, including such programs as Adbrite, AllFeeds, BidVertiser, Chitika, Clicksor and Yahoo Publisher Network. Adbrite, a customizable e-commerce site, is considered “The Internet’s Ad Marketplace,” and enables the publisher to not only control their own ad rates, but also to approve or reject every ad for their website. AllFeeds features the highest and best pay-per-click listings from thousands of advertisers, multiple display formats (text links, banners, buttons, search boxes, etc.), real-time reporting, customization and even an integration with Google AdSense. BidVertiser allows the publisher to display text ads on their site with advertisers bidding against each other, and they display the highest bidders for maximum revenue-earning potential.

Chitika, an impulse product merchandising service and comparative shopping engine, features interactive eMiniMalls. Clicksor boasts higher payouts per click along with a larger range of advertisers, supporting feeds from more than one advertising provider and the chance to earn more by either displaying relevant banners or underlining a section of clickable text on their websites. Yahoo! Publisher Network is a newer model and allows the publisher to not only display relevant ads and earn from each click, but also to integrate other features and programs of Yahoo! on their site, such as Y!Q and Add to My Yahoo! (RSS). Other pay-per-click advertising alternatives to Google AdSense growing in popularity include Affiliate Sensor, BidClix, ClixGalore, Fastclick, Kanoodle, Nixxie, Revenue Pilot, Searchfeed, TargetPoint and Vibrant Media SmartAd.

However, pay-per-click, content-based advertising programs are not the only ways for web publishers to generate online income. Affiliate marketing works great as well, using affiliate programs such as Commission Junction, Clickbank, Amazon and Linkshare. Affiliate marketing involves an affiliate promoting the services or products of a merchant on their site and is rewarded for every visitor, registrant, subscriber or customer that comes through them on a pay-per-click, pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale basis. Other alternatives to Google AdSense include networking opportunities, merchandising, RSS advertising, donations and sponsorships.

There is a plethora of alternatives to Google AdSense for publishers to choose from. A common piece of advice presented to amateur web publishers is to include more than one type of revenue-generating program on their site to unleash greater income-earning potential, for security, protection and for backup in case Google AdSense suddenly decides to close down their account.

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