The Latest Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 Discover 2022

The Latest Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

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The conventional concept of getting introduced to new products or brands after visiting the outlet or shop has already changed. Instead these products or brands nowadays reach the customer via smartphone, social networking sites, apps etc. Here are some of the latest developments or trends that may hit the digital marketing scene this year.

The concept of live streaming

It is estimated that video marketing techniques will replace the conventional content marketing strategies in the near future. The benefits of live video streaming has started to make its impact on the long term prospects of video marketing. The brands are conducting research on how to attract customers via live streaming techniques. The live streaming technique opens up the possibility of engaging with the customers on a more convincing manner. With the boom of smartphones and increased internet connectivity live streaming techniques have penetrated in to a very large audience. The apps like Periscope have already started to create the magic!! The app enables the user to create videos by live streaming and share it on Twitter. In this way, the customer gets an interactive platform to give the necessary feedbacks on the product. Live streaming can be used effectively for occasions like product launch, brand promotion etc.

Facebook and Twitter prospects

Till now, the large chunk of the internet related search revolved around the search-engine giant Google. Things have started to change. Brands will no longer have to rely or depend on Google alone in order to create business. In the very near future, Facebook may come up with a search engine option within the Social media community. The Facebook messenger app will play a crucial role in the business. The customer need not log in to the e-commerce site for buying a commodity but shall be able to do the transactions directly via the app. This is a clear advantage of the fact that the customers get options other than Google.

Prospects of Snapchat

Snapchat is gaining acceptance particularly among the youth and therefore its prospects in the future cannot be neglected. It is estimated that there are around 100 million active Snapchat users in the world according to 2015 statistics. And the figures are still counting at a fast pace. Organizing marketing campaigns with the help of photos and video clip works great via Snapchat. The marketing ads published via Snapchat have specific time limits and they possess a date of expiry too.

Instagram ads

Instagram thrives on the factor that visual content has got greater penetration power in to the audience than any other advertisement strategy. The year 2016 shall witness, big brands and business establishment making use of the prospects of Instagram to the fullest. The advertisers will be able to make use of the fully functional Instagram ads in 2016.

This all are the trends that will make an impact on the digital marketing industry.

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