How You Can Get the Rights to Other People’s Interviews Still 2022

How You Can Get the Rights to Other People’s Interviews

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It is easy to get the rights to other people’s interviews. You can simply ask for the rights. You know a lot of people are sitting on a lot content that they don’t put much value on.

Perfect example; Art Hamel. Art Hamel is a business buying expert and I’ve been selling his business buying course for the last five years and I met him on eBay. He had an eBay auction and he was selling all these old seminars that he used to sell back in 1985. I contact him through eBay and we got to talking and I found out this guy was a real live business buying seminar expert. He had the number one seminar on one of the largest shopping channels, he put 100,000 people through his trainings and this is how I met him. This guy was an expert but he wasn’t selling his old cassette tape seminars anymore.

So I was looking for products to sell and I asked him if he’d be willing to an interview and that is how it all started, with one interview and with that one interview I must have sold 150 to 200 of his old cassettes. I would buy them off of him for $25 a piece and he’d send them to me in these big boxes and they were cassette tapes, these brown cassette tapes and they really looked like they were from 1985.

But it all started there and since then I’ve probably got 13 hours of interviews with him over the years and we ran out of the cassette tapes and digitized the product. So that was something that someone was virtually throwing away, dumping them off on eBay. But I was able to turn that intellectual property that he was dumping off of eBay for peanuts into a product and then we used a combination of the audio interview that I did with him and a sales letter to sell the product.

After you get your interview and you’ve done your research right you can start having the interviews write your sales letter for you. You can talk faster than you can write. By doing these interviews, you are creating great copy.

You do sometimes need to create sales letters in addition to your audio that helps sell your product or service and you are going to save a whole lot of money because you can take the interview transcripts and go to a professional copywriter and say, “Take these transcripts and create a sales letter for me.” You’ve basically created it and he’s going to organize it, create the headlines, make the transitions and create some strategies but you can do it for a lot less money than if you went in and tried to create a sales letter from scratch.

So asking is number one. Another thing you can do is you can license people’s interviews. Elson Eldridge gave me the rights for free because I asked but let’s say he wasn’t so willing to give it to me. I may say, well can I license that interview and I’ll pay you $100 a year to be able to use it on my Web site. That is something you could do, you could just buy them outright. Say, “Hey, I’d like to buy out your collection of audio interviews. Would you be willing to take X amount?” Or they can rent them to so you can borrow them and pay a rent, that’s kind of like licensing. Or you can trade something for them.

There is a good chance if you have someone who has some audio interviews and from the stuff you’re learning with me, you’ll be able to take those interviews, you can clean them up, you can put some great marketing into them and you can use them to sell their products or other products. You’ll be able to do a lot with them and you could probably pick up a pretty good deal and pick them up just by asking or licensing. Just make it work, see what they want, see what they are doing with them. Just ask questions.

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