Video Marketing Schmideo Varketing – The Real Secret to Success on YouTube Discover 2022

Video Marketing Schmideo Varketing – The Real Secret to Success on YouTube

Today 2022

Video is a very effective marketing medium for anybody looking to make an online presence. However, there is a lot that you need to know in order to be effective, just like with anything else. If this isn’t your first time at the rodeo, you have definitely heard people raving about how video is the hottest thing and that millionaires are made overnight using YouTube alone. But how can you benefit too?

There are always a few exceptions to the rules – the ones that everybody talks about for weeks and even months on end. Some young punk kid makes it big time with video marketing. Know what I’m talking about? Quite a few people that try to mimic the success of these one-hit-wonders miss more often than not. In fact, many of them don’t get any results at all. Why the big spread? Are these promoters holding back some of the keys to really succeeding, or is it user error?

Videos DO tend to jump to the top of search rankings faster than a lot of other types of content. People tend to prefer videos to articles simply because, let’s face it, it takes brainpower to read an article, while the same can’t always be said for watching a video. But can you be super successful by posting a few shoddy copycat videos a month? I really doubt it…

You see, video marketing is only one method for driving traffic. As you will see it has pros and cons that need to be dealt with, as will any other marketing method. What I’d really like to address is the idea of submitting duplicate content to different video sites. Does it really help?

There are many services out there that will help to automate your video marketing efforts, but there is one thing that you really can’t cut any corners on if you are going to really be successful. You simply have to learn how to create your own video content that people will actually get some value out of. That’s all there is to it.

Regardless of the number of sites you submit to, it will not make much of a difference if it shows the workmanship of a kindergartener that hasn’t had his nap yet. Most people are looking for a push-button way to generate millions of leads for their network marketing business on somebody elses dime, when the truth is, if they want video marketing, or any other kind of marketing to work consistently for them, they are going to have to become more valuable and consistently display that value. They need to educate themselves about the product or service that they are trying to promote, instead of a terrified, paralyzed novice.

If you first learn the steps to making your own unique, relevant videos, then uploading them to multiple sites can really get things cranking for you. Traffic Geyser and Tubemogul are two of the content submission services that I would recommend for your use. However, before making a decision, let me tell you about the differences between the two. Tubemogul is a free service – of course they have their paid options too, but you can do everything that you really need with the free account. Traffic Geyser will give you a $1 trial, but then you will have to pay every month to keep your account active. It can be expensive depending on what account you sign up for. Traffic Geyser allows you to upload to a lot more directories and sites than Tubemogul does, I think in large part because Tubemogul is a lot more respectful of the third party terms and conditions.

Either way that you go (Tubemogul is my recommendation), you’ll be able to send your content to more sites and therefore potentially get it in front of more people. If you have done a good job creating it, the leads will not lack. Here’s my little caveat – don’t just use one marketing method! If it turns out that you suck at it, you won’t have anything else going for you. I would recommend choosing at least two or three different strategies and becoming a pro at them. Don’t ever stop learning… continue to look for new ways to grow your business, but only add new ones after you have become very proficient at the ones you are already using. Until you have mastered them, I recommend putting on the blinders and going to work.

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