Get Rich Quick Syndrome = Criminality Today 2022

Get Rich Quick Syndrome = Criminality

Still 2022

Today, I decided to write on this topic because it has eaten so deep into the moral fabrication of Nigerians especially the youths of our country —- the craze for quick cash. The Nigeria of today is a variety of youths of different kinds with diverse educational, religious, moral and status background with so much energy and intelligence in the quest for riches that one cannot but be awed. But what disturbs me most is the fact that sometimes this energy and intelligence are not channeled in the right way instead it’s being use for fraudulent activities as a result of the get rich quick syndrome prevalent among the youths.

For the purpose of clarity, am not angry over the quest for riches by our youths no matter their social, cultural and educational background as long as it’s through a legal means. But most of our youths have decided to pursue riches in the fraudulent way and this bothers me a whole lot. Our youths have faced en-mass the advance fee fraud also known as “yahoo-yahoo” as a means of getting rich quick. And I can help but wonder what really brought this amoral trend into acceptability or a common feature of our country if not poverty. Yes, poverty but not the physical or financial type but the mental poverty that has crawled into our society leaving us with youths who no more know the potency of the mind and thinking. They’ve found it a difficult task to sit and think how to earn money legally.

Apart from this lack of mental alertness or creativity is the disease called greed. Greed has been a part of us for so long as Nigerians right from the sixties to date that the youths find it a pleasant companion to be with. A greed gotten from the actions and life style of those in positions of leadership which has brought this sickness of wanting to live “large” as they say. Youths of my time no more think of the pleasure, honour, dignity and respect gotten from working legally for one’s means of livelihood rather they rejoice and wallow in the height of fraud one can achieve or engage in. As a result they continue to sink deep in all forms of illegality and criminality departing farther from legality such as the advance fee fraud (419) which has gone a notch higher to what is called “yahoo-plus” which they say involves rituals for one to succeed.

The Nigerian youth no more or rather fails to understand the laws of nature that everything is a viscous circle in which we reap what we sow no matter or how long. But they don’t believe this because the craze for quick riches and what it can buy is being encouraged by our so-called leaders and suppose role models in all walks of life through their life styles. Even our religious leaders allow this trend by accepting all manners of donations from all not minding its source. Our artiste in the musical genre in no small measure help in encouraging this trend through the lyrics of their songs and the display of flashy cars and all sorts making seem it’s all easy to come by. They no more sing songs of reason and life issues.

Next is the family unit which is where it basically all starts from. For those engaged in the different forms of criminality in a bit to get quick cash come from homes at least some do. There is a town in Edo state where parents see their children who’ve no visible means of livelihood and still stays under their roof buying expensive phones, spending money like they don’t care even to the extent of buying cars yet they don’t question the means of such money rather they either deny for their wards or come to accept the fact that their ward is a criminal.

Although, we’ve just mentioned some external factors responsible for the “get rich quick trend” among the youths but it’s no excuse on the part of any youth to part take in criminality for it’s a matter of choice to decide which way to go —–legality or illegality, whichever chosen has its aftermath.

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