Magibon – What Are the True Facts? Today 2022

Magibon – What Are the True Facts?

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The YouTube director Magibon has seen her fame continue unabated for a couple of years now. Many people say they just cannot understand what she does, and wonder if it is all just a hoax. Others proclaim her as a genius. Who is right?

Magibon is known by several different names. Her channel name on YouTube is MRirian and she is often called Magi. This is rumoured to be because her real first two names may be Margaret Lilian, and the names Magi and MRirian would be a joking way of converting those American names to Japanese. We do not know for sure, that is just a guess. One thing is certain, however. Magi is American, and her native language is English. Despite this, she hardly ever uses English on her videos. She does not often speak at all, but when she does, it is mostly in Japanese. Some people have taken this as evidence that she must be some kind of fraud, because she pretends to be Japanese. This would be a wrong conclusion though. She is not pretending to be Japanese, she is speaking Japanese, which is not the same thing at all.

Magi is currently 22 years of age. Some people have tried to point out that she looks younger than this, but it is by now a well-established fact that 22 is her real age. It is not clear what these people are trying to say when they claim she looks younger than 22. People of the same age can look very different to each other. There is no set standard as to what someone looks like at a particular age.

The story of exactly how Magibon has achieved her fame and success is indeed a fascinating story, and we believe it contains many of the elements which can be used by anyone to bring about great changes for the better in their own life.

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