Facebook Just Not the Same As Twitter Stop 2022

Facebook Just Not the Same As Twitter

Still 2022

Facebook makes changes to its system to keep up with Twitter

In the past most people would switch on their computers and immediately head to their email accounts to check out the inbox, but times are changing and many prefer to visit their favorite social networking site which allows you to connect with friends in a slightly less traditional way. There are now hundreds of these websites dotted around the net feeding our human desire to connect, communicate and learn; with the top 2 players being Facebook and Twitter. Facebook.com was started in 2004 and now hits the 700 unique posts per second mark and on the other side we have Twitter a popular new edition that was launched in 2006 trails in closely behind with 600 tweet posts per second, a figure that is making the old players a little nervous.

Facebook has actually made several attempts to stop Twitter dead in their tracks in 2008 by offering them a bid that would buy them out of the market, but this ended in disappointment as Twitter turned it down. Aside from this there have been rumors that Facebook has made many new upgrades that mimic Twitter like features, such as their “What’s on your mind” module which enables members to share media content as well as links in a single live feed area. There is also the new Facebook “lite” version that was released last year, this had an almost identical layout to Twitters own, but was unfortunately dropped in April this year for lack of interest fro Facebook members.

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