How Much Facebook Reach Is Good? Stop 2022

How Much Facebook Reach Is Good?

Still 2022

As you now know, the impact of EdgeRank means that not all of your fans will see your post in your news feed when you publish it. Add the fact that around half of users don’t check Facebook every day and of those that do, they only browse for around 30-60 minutes in total, the chances of your posts being seen and engaged with in competition with all of the others people see, falls considerably. All of this is why it is so important to create content that is engaging, compelling, and shareable. This goes not just for Facebook, but all social media. I’d say if you’re getting anywhere between 10% – 20% reach to all of your fans without paid promotion, you’re doing well. The overarching point with all of this, as I will touch on throughout the book, is that the success in achieving your overall business goal with social media is most important, whether your reach is high or low.

Increase reach with re-surfaced, popular status updates

In August 2013, Facebook announced an update to its News Feed ranking algorithm that could help boost the visibility of your Page posts, which might otherwise be lost in users’ feeds – either in the crowd of stories, or simply because the story is old and too far down the feed to be seen when a user logs in. If a particular status update from your Page receives a lot of likes or comments, it may be chosen to reappear near the top of your fans’ News Feeds to help the people who might have missed it when it was first posted, see it.

Facebook’s research showed that people typically read around 57% of the stories in their News Feed, and did not scroll down far enough to see the rest. In tests, the number of read posts leaped to 70% when popular unread stories were resurfaced. For Page owners, this algorithm change means their most popular organic Page posts have a higher chance of being shown to more people, even if they’re more than a few hours old, so the quality of your posts – to help make them popular enough to be chosen for resurfacing – is all that more imperative.

Tailor to mobile users, keep updates short

Tailor your content to mobile users (lots of photos, short posts, and videos), as that is increasingly the way in which customers use Facebook. All Facebook users tend to skim content in their news feeds, so don’t bog their brains down with long posts too often. 80 characters or fewer is a good target to aim for. A study by Buddy Media showed that posts with 80 characters or fewer received 27% higher engagement rates than those with more.

What’s more, in Facebook’s updated News Feed for 2013, photo captions will display on top of photos – positioned at the top of the image – instead of below it in a separate area. Therefore, any copy you write accompanying photos should be brief and succinct in order that it does not obscure or impact the image too much.

Use hashtags on Facebook to encourage engagement and conversation

In June 2013, Facebook joined sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ by rolling out the use of hashtags, which appear as clickable links in Page and personal profile updates and in posts on the news feed (desktop-only for now, but there are hints that it will expand to mobile and ads in future). “What do you love about your local #walmart?” or “It’s Gap’s summer sale, with up to 50% off! Come take a look… #gapsale” where “#walmart” and “#gapsale” are clickable.

Clicking on a hashtag will open up a feed where you’ll see stories from the Pages and people who have posted with the same hashtag. People can use hashtags in Facebook search to find posts related to specific topics or interests. Here are some tips for using hashtags on Facebook:

— Discover new Pages and partners by searching for specific hashtags in Facebook search, and search your own hashtags to monitor what people are saying about you and your brand, then join the conversation.

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