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Traffic Geyser Review

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First of all, if you are not using a Video Submittal Service and you are using Video Marketing on YouTube or another site like Yahoo Video and Google Video, then you should probably leave this page immediately…lol…wait, it’s not funny, I am serious, take a hike… (hehe) All joking aside though, Can I ask why are you not optimizing and leveraging yourself?

Traffic Geyser is the the 800 pound Gorilla in Video Submittal companies. Let me give you one example 10 videos times 35 sites = 350 videos marketing for you 24/7. (actually there are more than 35 sites…shh- don’t tell anyone)

If you have 20 videos, well, you can do the math. (hint: double it… wink)

This technology is only getting better as Traffic Geyser gets even more experience from Testing, Tracking, Tweeking their service. You see every successful marketer does these things and that goes for Traffic Geyser too.

If you use keywords in niche markets and get 1st in organic search engine listings in Google, MSN, and Yahoo you can literally dominate that search in your market. Traffic Geyser has a lot of Video Tutorials, I like this because you can literally pause the video, complete the step and then go to the next step and continue.

Every Marketer needs 3 things to Succeed in their business.

#1 Leads -Targeted Traffic.

#2 Mindset -They need to have Attraction Marketing Training & Leadership Training so that they can communicate effectively with their prospects and attract people as Alpha Leaders do- but that is whole different article.

#3 Tools -Web 2.0 Tools like Opt-in pages and Auto-Responders, Videos, Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Utterz) Blogs (Blogger, Twitter), Podcast, etc.

If you are using video marketing you must obtain #1 in the list of things I mentioned that every Marketer needs; Leads (targeted traffic) you will be using a Video Submitter to optimize and multiply your videos times 35. Remember 10 X 35 = 350

Traffic Geyser notes that you can “Zero in on your target market like a smart-bomb… and magnetically attract them to your website, your pitch, and your shopping cart” but you can not be successful if you are only being like a commercial, so you have to have valuable content. CONTENT is King! as Mike Dillard and other top internet Marketers have said.

LOOK AT THE TRENDS that are from last year 2007, so they have only increased since then.

-52% of all web traffic is video (according to industry watchdog, eMarketer)
-More than 70% of all web visitors watch online video (according to NY Times)
-The average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes watching video per day
-Emarketer estimates 123 MILLION Americans will view online video every month in 2007

Traffic Geyser also made it simple… You can use pictures and a phone and your VIDEO is done.. this is for the camera shy, but I think eventually you will get the courage to put your face on camera…remember that Alpha Leader stuff I mentioned above…yes, you eventually need to get over some of the small things like being shy, do you want to make a little money or do you want to make serious money?

Search engines are constantly, every second of the day looking for new uploaded videos and content, so your Fresh videos on the dozens of Video Sites are being filtered through to be placed on Organic Search Engine Rankings. Also, the paper click stuff on the right of the web page on the 1st page Google are generally not trusted.

Traffic Geyser has a video Frank Kern (Internet Marketing Guru) made getting a PAGE ONE Google listing in just ten minutes.

Now… no one can guarantee you page one. If they do, run the other way.

Really, Traffic Geyser is a Video Submittal Service just like many out there, it puts your videos on video sharing sites (note: Traffic Geyser puts your videos on the most video sites than any other video submittal service). but there is one CRITICAL DIFFERENCE for the guys who created Traffic Geyser, they are experts in SEO Search Engine Optimization, so they have put their service above any other video submittal service because they know the secrets to getting 1st page Google and free traffic. POINT BLANK!

oops, I forgot to mention the 12 Social Bookmarking Communities and Scores of Blogs, Blog Directories and Podcast Directories (just using the audio of your video) that are also included with Traffic Geyser submittal service…LOL.. so I guess that would be like a bonus right…haha. Not to mention the other bonuses that come free with Traffic Geyser service.
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